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NEWS FOCUS Eurocrats back new European Academy of Religion

by Jenny Taylor - 7th December 2016

A DOSE of seventeenth-century Persian poetry might do more than the Prevent programme and its ilk ever could, believes Professor Molloni.

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Freedom in Cuba remains a dream - writes former World correspondent

by Mariusa Reyes - 30th November 2016

CLAPPED-out Russian Ladas, endless speeches, and a ban on charities characterized Castro’s religion-hating revolution, writes former World correspondent MARIUSA REYES

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ANALYSIS Could do better: Ofsted is struggling in its attempts to crack down on illegal Islamic schools

by Irfan Al-Alawi - 23rd November 2016

DR IRFAN AL-ALAWI surveys the state of play between Britain’s unruly Muslim schools that are changing the culture of gender relations, and the courts.

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